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Donor Screening

Ensuring donor screening aligns with the stringent standards set by the U.S. FDA is of utmost importance in assisted reproductive technologies. This involves rigorous testing for infectious diseases, comprehensive genetic evaluations, adherence to medical guidelines, meticulous documentation, and continuous compliance with evolving FDA regulations. Strict adherence to these standards is critical for upholding the safety, efficacy, and ethical integrity of the donor screening process, safeguarding the well-being of both donors and recipients.

FDA testing is a mandatory requirement of the FDA (US Food and Drug Safety Organization) for Intended Parents and female egg donors involved in egg provision and surrogate pregnancy.
The main purpose of FDA testing is to detect the presence of major sexually transmitted diseases and the presence of smoking or drug use in prospective parents or female egg donors who require egg supply or surrogate pregnancy.
FDA requires infectious disease testing for oocyte and sperm sources, including CMV and HTLV-I and -II IgM and IgG on sperm. Ineligible embryos can be used with proper labeling and recipient consent.

FDA testing must be done in the U.S. , ACRC can help international Intended Parents collect genetic samples locally and transport to the U.S. for FDA genetic screening.


Want to learn more about our egg donors?

Our team meticulously screens and tests every egg donor, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Choose from our selection of over 200 carefully curated egg donors to find the perfect match for your family's unique needs. Trust ACRC Global for a journey to parenthood characterized by expertise, care, and an array of exceptional donor choices, all supported by our commitment to your success.

 Embryo And Gamete Transportation

At ACRC, we prioritize the careful transport of embryos and gametes for assisted reproductive technology. Partnering with a reputable international cell transport company with over 30 years of experience, we facilitate the safe and timely arrival of reproductive materials from around the world to the United States. Our streamlined process includes video counseling sessions for intended parents, collaboration with U.S. receiving clinics, and meticulous handling of paperwork, resulting in embryos reaching the U.S. acceptance clinic within a week. Our dedicated team provides continuous support for a seamless experience.

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