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ACRC Global Fertility Holding Group

ACRC is a leading international group that specializes in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) dedicated to delivering high-quality and comprehensive ART services. With its headquarters in Irvine, California, ACRC has satellite offices in Manhattan, New York, Seattle, Washington, and subsidiaries in Tokyo and Taipei.


IVF Concierge Services

Embryo and Gametes Transportation


Gametes Donation

Our Services

About Global Doctors

Discover personalized support worldwide with Global Doctor

Welcome to Global Doctors, your dedicated IVF concierge platform proudly associated with Angels Creation Reproductive Center (ACRC). As a non-profit initiative, we prioritize providing comprehensive support and guidance to individuals navigating the journey of fertility treatment. From personalized consultations to seamless referrals, our platform offers valuable assistance at no cost to patients. Discover how Global Doctor can empower your path to parenthood now.



Over the past decade, we've forged partnerships with over 50 clinics across the US, UK, Japan, and Taiwan, assisting over 500 families worldwide. What sets us apart from other medical platforms is our hands-on experience – we don't just provide clinic information; we've worked alongside these clinics. This means your treatment plan isn't generic but customized to your status and the expertise of your chosen doctor, ensuring the most effective resolution for your journey to parenthood.

Stay Informed, Make It Possible

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